Thursday, November 10, 2011

UPDATE: Kodiak Airport Runway Extension Proposals 10 November 2011

This post contains the contents of two separate emails from Leslie Grey at the FAA.  The first email was sent to all interested parties on the Kodiak Aiport Runway Extension Project email list; the second was sent to Stacy Studebaker in Kodiak in response to her query.
For more information on this project, go to the  Kodiak Airport EIS site.

Last week we held meetings in Kodiak and Anchorage to present and explain
the alternatives FAA will include in the Draft EIS.  Thanks so much to many
of you for attending.  As usual, a lot of important issues were discussed
and good questions asked.  Before the end of the year I’ll send another
update with information responding to some of those questions.
In the meantime, I wanted to quickly respond to a couple of your needs.
For those of you who like to keep track of interagency participation or
want to follow up with others who attended, attached are the sign-in sheets
from both meetings.  I’ve also had the powerpoint presentation from these
meetings posted on our project website at under
the “documents” link on the left of the homepage.  The presentation is the
first document, titled “Project Alternatives Presentation – November 2011.”
Those of you who attended in Kodiak may notice that we added two slides for
the Anchorage meeting.  These figures are helpful in comparing the features
and disturbance areas of each alternative for Runway 07/25 (page 29 of the
presentation) and Runway 18/36 (page 37).
Again, thank you for continuing to stay involved in this project.  Please
don’t hesitate to call (271-5453) or write ( if you
have questions, comments or concerns.
 Regards,  Leslie
Leslie A. Grey
Environmental Protection Specialist
FAA - Alaskan Region, Airports Division

Hello Stacy,
First of all, thank you for coming to the meeting last week, I appreciate
your interest and attendance.  Regarding your request, as promised, we are
making last week's presentation available to all.  We just posted the
meeting presentation which includes graphics of the alternatives as well as
the other information we discussed up on the project web site.  You can
find it at under the documents link located on the
left side of the homepage.  Shortly I'll be sending out a message to the
entire contact list to make sure everyone is aware of where they can get
the presentation.

Regarding the botany work completed recently, right now we are in the
process of compiling the data and documenting the results.  I will make
arrangements for distribution of the findings either concurrent with the
Draft EIS or perhaps before hand, depending upon how quickly we can get all
of our review completed.  I'll provide you with an update on this as soon
as I have a clearer picture of the timing.  In the meantime, don't hesitate
at all to call or email me with any further questions.  Leslie

Leslie A. Grey
Environmental Protection Specialist
FAA - Alaskan Region, Airports Division