Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kodiak Airport EIS Project Update 08 August 2012

Kodiak Airport EIS Project Update

For some time, the FAA has been preparing an environmental impact statement considering impacts associated with runway safety area improvements at Kodiak Airport. I think it is safe to say, at least on behalf of the FAA and consultants, that we are more than ready for the Draft EIS to be published for everyone to see. We aren’t quite finished; but we are very close. Our environmental analyses are undergoing review here in Anchorage and at FAA headquarters, and I think those will be the last hurdles before starting the public review portion of the work. My current goal is to publish a Draft EIS, including an ANILCA Title XI application and preliminary analysis, sometime this fall and most likely in October. We will provide 60 days for everyone to
review the Draft EIS and submit comments, and hold at least one public hearing for the Draft EIS in Kodiak during the review period. We will also hold public hearings concerning the ANILCA application in both Alaska and Washington, D.C.

I will keep you informed as we get closer to release of the Draft EIS. In the meantime, let me know if you have questions, comments or concerns. My phone number is 271-5453 or you can email

Best regards, Leslie Grey

Leslie A. Grey
Environmental Protection Specialist
FAA - Alaskan Region, Airports Division